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Our Cloud Platform

The Protocol Network Services Business Cloud Computing services platform make managing your business' data easier than ever.  Our Cloud Computing Services centralizes your data, applications and desktops making your information securely accessible from anywhere in the world.

Protocol Cloud Services
  • Secure - Our cloud infrastructure is based in a 28000 sq foot, Tier 3 Data Center located in Ottawa, Canada and offers the highest level of physical and IT security along with redundant power grids, multiple internet providers and backup power,

  • Flexible - Leverage our public cloud, a custom cloud or even use a combination to create a hybrid cloud solution for virtual servers, application hosting, virtual desktops and cloud backups.

  • Continuous - Our data center ensures business continuity and disaster recovery with optimal application performance and availability for your business.

  • Scalable – Our services are fully scalable, both up and down to help manage and reduce costs as your business requirements grow and wane.  Simple, managed services commercial models allow for maximum flexibility.

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