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Our Cloud Services

Virtual Private Servers – Secure, Reliable Server and Application Hosting…Simple


Protocol Network Services Cloud Servers are the quickest way to move on-premise servers to the Cloud. Quickly configure and manage your line of business servers without purchasing any new hardware or software. Existing, on site servers can be removed and virtualized to the cloud, delivering enormous performance enhancements, scalability, increased security as well as professional back up and disaster recovery capabilities.

  • Right Sized Infrastructure - Get the resources you need at a price you can agree with.

  • Outsourced Resources - Support your applications, your software and host your IT systems on a fully managed platform.

  • Instant Growth - Grow your business' computing capacity quickly and easily!

  • Future Proof - Only pay for the resources that you need.  Protocol Network Services scale your requirements in line with your business.

  • Managed Cloud Hosting – Protocol Networks takes care of all of your software and hardware maintenance so that you don’t have to.

Virtual Desktops – Secure Desktop Access Anywhere, Anytime… Any Device


The Protocol Network Services cloud platform enables virtual desktops (VDI) to be delivered as an outsourced, hosted, cloud subscription service that is utility priced to reduce costs and ensure predictability.  Our managed service offering eliminates the complexity of deploying and managing desktops, laptops and associated applications.  Cloud Services improve infrastructure management and security and provides superior end-user productivity — without the need for capital expenses and complicated systems integration of deploying a customized internal solution.  Protocol Network Services VDI solutions offer professional backup and disaster recovery capabilities.

  • 100% Control - Maximum control and flexibility of traditional IT infrastructures in a stable, secure, cloud environment.  Deploy and remove VDI's in minutes not days and eliminate large upfront capital purchases!

  • Telecommuter Friendly - Break free from the workstation and work virtually anywhere, from any broadband connected device!

  • Enterprise Grade IT - Huge infrastructure perks and reliability at an affordable and predictable monthly cost.

  • Enterprise-Class Disaster Recovery for Free – Hosted Virtual Desktops host all applications and data in a secure location away from your business location.  In the event of an unforeseen disaster, business resumption is as simple as having your staff access the same business applications and data from another device or remote location.

Cloud Storage & Back Up - Protect you critical data online… all the time


Server and desktop backup is provided using RAID 10 hard disk arrays.  Data is backed up and stored multiple times per day on our production systems to ensure that any potential hard disk failure is handled transparently.  Using arrays that are among the fastest in the industry and consisting of dozens of hard drives per array ensures that the heavy load of large volume file accesses does not adversely affect the user experience.

  • 100% Offsite Data Protection - Storing business-critical data offsite provides continuity and instant recovery for your business during times of disaster or system failure.

  • Reduce Costs – Significantly reduce the overall cost of data backup and protection by replacing cumbersome tape-based backup solutions and offsite tape storage with secure online data backup and storage.

  • Automated and Simple - HostedBizz Backup service is simple and fully automated and does not require human intervention.  Just install the Protocol Networks remote data backup agent, create a backup job and define a schedule.

  • Fast, Anywhere, Anytime Data Restoration – Our centralized Cloud Storage and Backup provides rapid recovery and restoration of your data.  Recovery can be performed from anywhere, at any time with a standard web browser and a high-speed internet connection.

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